Friday, January 25, 2008

Things MacGyver Never Mentioned

Have you ever been surrounded by such pervasive insanity that you begin to wonder if you are the one that is actually crazy?

I's so...I can't...

I mean, there are not supposed to be nail holes in my heat ducts right? Heat leaks out of holes. Heat that should be going to my bedroom and keeping frost off my windows. And masking tape the appropriate tool for this job??

It's not glamorous, but we spent a lot of time in our basement cleaning out lady bugs and removing corroded duct tape (which, ironically, turns to a powdery, ineffective mess after about 20 minutes on heat ducts).

We replaced it and covered all the holes, cuts and gaps in the warm air ducts with way fun space ship tape, then enclosed the whole shebang in bubbly-wrap insulation goodness - recommended by Bob Vila! (WWBVD).

Yay for (moderate) efficiency.

We also found this on our basement floor:

Tom 11
Bert 7

The furnace on top of the cement was put there in 1996, so we are hoping Tom and Bert were from 1899. Must do some research!


  1. Things your home inspector never told you is more like it! Hey, there is a picture of the fireplace insert in full action. I bet you didnt have that thing cleaned. Leave it to me to play dad.
    Did you get the carbon monoxide detectors on your first trip to BBHIS? (big box home improvement store)Since I see that you posted to the blog since the date of the photos, I will assume that you woke up. Cant be sure if the headache was from the wine, or the lack of oxygen. YEP, cant help but play dad.

    So, single digit temps. Bet that has made for some really interesting showers in the morning.

    I have a wood burning stove for you. Let me know when you are ready for it.

    Oh, and this offer to eat on lawn furniture and blue enamel camping plates when you feed us, well it will be just like bein at home!

    S/V Vicki Jean

  2. I hope Ted & Bert aren't buried under that cement.....Here any ghosts yet?