Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring things

Our turkeys are laying nest boxes, which is quite a coup. They tend to want to lay out in the field and then we loose them (the eggs and the turkey hens) until a raccoon finds them and that's not good for anyone.

Asparagus is poking up.


6 Southdown sheep (2 ewes and their 4 lambs) are arriving next weekend. At the end of May, we'll be adding two Nubian doelings that are terribly cute and hugable. There will be many, many pictures. Promise.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Most drab clothesline ever

But, here's what is in bloom tonight to make up for it:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The fiber post

Look - I made a cowl with the crazy colored yarn.

And another cowl from handspun Rambouillet.

And socks of COLORS.

Also, Bill made our first beer label, and gave us the name Sweaty Owl Rainy Day Part Time Brewery.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Growing things

Spring is going to come to Indiana if only through the force of my will... I will force it to come by planting radishes in my cold frame.

The radishes, along with spinach, cauliflower, turnips and cabbage were planted last week and yesterday I added some lettuce, Brussels sprouts, leeks, broccoli, parsnips and beets. That sounds like a lot, but it's only a row of each. Until we put up our chicken-proof fence, I've only got a limited area for planting. I also tilled for peas which I hope to plant tomorrow.

I am even more excited about planting this year because Bill bought me a seeder for Valentines Day. After the chicken plucker for my birthday last year, I think this will be my favorite not-really-a-present-but-it-amuses-me-to-pretend.

Tomatoes and peppers plants are growing in aquarium of toilet paper tubes.

Coop and Corrie are still growing too. This morning, as I attempted to repair my homemade lightbox from kitten damage, they decided to inflict more damage.

Here is Corrie stepping holes in the tissue paper and attacking a strip of tape that was surely asking for it.

I have fiber photos to show you too... Maybe I'll write two posts in one week which might keep my mom from nagging me about blogging for a little while??