Sunday, February 13, 2011

Melting! Melting!

Spring is coming! I know it is. The chickens are venturing outside. The turkeys a very special way. The snow is melting to reveal layers upon layers of domestic and wild animal poo. And I am spinning pastel yarns:

Do you like how I transitioned from poo to yarn right there? I think the mention of gross poo made the yarn seem prettier in contrast. Let's try it this-a-way.

Spring...chickens...turkeys...snow melting to reveal ground soon to be covered in spring wildflowers and me spinning lightly colored yarns:


It's even warm enough that Bernie has resumed his attempts to escape the house:

Hope it's warm where you are too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Goal Progress Reporting

This is a serious post about the work we've done this month.


Not really. It's about knitting, natch...and spinning. Knitting, of course, being the most important of the goals for 2011. (Actually, we've also been working on another goal: feeding Sugar homemade food pretty regularly. She mostly gets whatever we're eating - meat and potatoes, oatmeal, waffles. I don't think we're at 25% consistently, but I expect we'll do better in the summer when we have veggies.)

First - I've been practicing my spinning and dying so that I can knit a sweater from yarn I've spun. Here's the rovings from the previous post spun up:

I also dyed some more roving - this is decidedly more girly.

I'm nearly 4/5 done with my monthly mystery package January shawl.

Bill picked a new package this weekend for February. Another ruffly shawl! Tornando dalle Cascine in a Mohair/Wool blend from Rhinebeck.

I also worked on a house goal! We've decided that February is the time to tackle: Make upstairs landing into library nook. Toward that end, I did very important work. I took "before" pictures.

Step one is clearing the landing. Then, we'll paint the walls and floor, make a curtain and install some bookshelves.

But right now, some girly roving is begging to be spun...