Sunday, February 13, 2011

Melting! Melting!

Spring is coming! I know it is. The chickens are venturing outside. The turkeys a very special way. The snow is melting to reveal layers upon layers of domestic and wild animal poo. And I am spinning pastel yarns:

Do you like how I transitioned from poo to yarn right there? I think the mention of gross poo made the yarn seem prettier in contrast. Let's try it this-a-way.

Spring...chickens...turkeys...snow melting to reveal ground soon to be covered in spring wildflowers and me spinning lightly colored yarns:


It's even warm enough that Bernie has resumed his attempts to escape the house:

Hope it's warm where you are too!


  1. Well it was above freezing this morning, but it's supposed to be below zero again tonight.

    Enjoy your warmth! Spring will come to me, I just have to wait another month or two...

  2. Well we are squishing around in the mud in S. Indiana. The bees were gathering pollen from who knows where yesterday. But, bracing myself for a return to winter -- you just know it is around the corner. Painting our entry / mud room this weekend and loading hay for goat friends.