Monday, August 31, 2009

Do other dogs do this?

Sugar loves to climb up on the couch and lay across the human occupants. Is this normal behavior?

Eggs! (The four white ones are holdouts from the store).

Our larger eggs tend to have double yolks.

(No, I can't believe I just posted a picture of myself in my pjs on the internet. The power of the cuteness of the puppy overwhelmed my judgment.)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garden fruit and cuteness

We harvested our first ripe Vine Peach (aka Mango Melon) - an heirloom musk mellon. It is advertised as smelling like a peach and tasting like a mango (or the other way...). But, I believe this is false. It smells, and tastes, like a mild cantaloupe. 
We ate it all up before I could take a picture of the inside...

It has been a lovely fall this summer (in the 40s tonight) and Bernie insists on barging outside to eat the grass.

Sugar's head has nearly healed and you can hardly see her bald spot:


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Autumn Approaches

The high temperature yesterday was 69. Degrees. Total. While I know this is unseasonably cool, it is a undeniable reminder that winter is coming. The mammals know the seasons are changing and have resumed their practice of piling on the closest human whenever possible.
Cooler weather means socks must be knit:

And our pumpkins are starting to turn orange:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A very musical weekend

Friday we made our first visit to Lucas Oil Stadium for the DCI semi-finals. For any readers that aren't band geeks, it is the major league of drum corps - 150 college kids traveling on buses, sleeping on gym floors and competing across the US for the summer. We saw 17 corps, including my high school favs the Phantom Regiment.
Also playing were the Holy Name Cadets (previously the Cadets of Bergen County). In high school, we marched in the Cadets Marching Band Cooperative - a group of bands from the northeast that competed against each other throughout the fall and held finals in the Meadowlands. The Cadets were thought of as the big kids we would aspire to be some day.
About half way through the Cadet's show, I realized that when I marched in their cooperative, most of the current Cadets were in diapers.

Last night we saw the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at Conner Prairie - a living history wonderland. It was a perfect night for the happy music of Mozart with clearly skies and a lovely breeze, though the moon didn't appear until after the show.


We scored some wicked useful stuff at Goodwill this weekend. A lamp for an eventual library which is so solid that Bill has taken to calling it Colonel Mustard because he now understands how lamps can be used as weapons. A glass jar for dried garden things (perhaps beans or oats) and the old fashioned flashlight on the bottom left. All for $10!

The socks currently on my needles:

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