Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garden fruit and cuteness

We harvested our first ripe Vine Peach (aka Mango Melon) - an heirloom musk mellon. It is advertised as smelling like a peach and tasting like a mango (or the other way...). But, I believe this is false. It smells, and tastes, like a mild cantaloupe. 
We ate it all up before I could take a picture of the inside...

It has been a lovely fall this summer (in the 40s tonight) and Bernie insists on barging outside to eat the grass.

Sugar's head has nearly healed and you can hardly see her bald spot:


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  1. What happened to Sugar's head? Glad she's better!

  2. She got a little infection. We think a kitty nailed her and then it got infected. She lost some hair and was seriously gross for a few days. The vet shaved her up and gave her some meds.