Sunday, February 10, 2008

Even Bob Cratchit would complain...

Yeah. So we didn't move into our bedroom. But we learned a very important lesson: when you are miserly with your propane and it is only 56 degrees in your house, paint won't dry.

When we moved the ladder into the bedroom to start removing the painter's tape (an invention I am skeptical of) we also removed chunks of our lovely floor paint. :( So we moved our space heater into the bedroom and are giving the paint some more time to dry. Fingers crossed.

Here are some side-by-side photos of the progress. Still much to do but more on that later. Tonight we enjoy the small victories.

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  1. did your "painter's tape" come off alright in the end? I have also fought with the evil blue tape and found that the best options are either to 1) take the tape off immediately after you are done painting, while the paint is still very wet (this also give you an opportunity to clean up the paint that managed to leak under the tape) or 2) wait until it is very, very, very dry and then a razor blade is useful for scoring the tape before you peel it off (to avoid the tape pulling off adjacent paint with it). I have had better luck with option 1. I can also tell you that if you leave the tape on for too long (as in a few days) it is really a pain to get off. Apparently the tape is color colded- blue is most common, but other colors are designed to stay on for longer/shorter periods of time.