Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Seems like a good time to start to redo the fireplace. First step - demolish existing hearth. 3/4 inch thick marble tiles are nice on the front. On the back, you know, right next to the stovepipe that exceeds 1000 degrees, what do we find... Is that wood??? Why yes it is little Timmy! Plywood and 2x4s!!! Awesome.

Well, the bottom of the hearth looks pretty nice, looks like maybe they set the tile on another piece of plywood, laid that down... hopefully we can just pry it up and move it, right...?

Oh... They set the tiles directly onto the hardwood floors? Oh.... well. I guess at least we know the minimum size of our new hearth.

On a side note, she thinks my tractor is sexy!

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  1. If your stove pipe is getting to 1000 degrees you should switch it over to double wall...

    Is that a Husqvarna riding mower (AKA tractor)?

  2. I'm enjoying reading about your renovation. Once upon a time, I bought a large old house for $1000, had it professionally moved out to the country, and spent 2 years totally renovating it. It was the most wonderful place I have ever lived and it was quite an experience. So I know what you guys are going through! You're already making great progress, just keep at it and one day it will all come together perfectly. :-)