Thursday, June 12, 2008

I just drooled on my keyboard a little

If you've ever thought to yourself "I'd like to visit Indiana, but I just don't have a reason," I'm about to give you two good ones.

1) We will have a guest room -- complete with bed -- by the beginning of July. Don't worry about the crazy pink and cookie monster carpet. We're going Wild Wheat walls with a something Thrush floor. It's gonna be awesome.

2) I just discovered my favorite restaurant in the hemisphere. Not just fav in Indiana. Or on the continent. In. The. Hemisphere. Better than anything in DC (Facia Luna, Carribean Breeze and Melting Pot included). Better than anything in NY or Iceland. Brugge Brasserie.

Oh. My. Gawd.

It's a Belgian place with amazing microbrews, and the best fries on earth. You might be thinking ...Fries. Seriously? You are writing a 7000 word post on fries? Listen up! They are cooked and seasoned to perfection and come with all manner of dipping sauces including horseradish, pesto and HOT CURRY. And if we are all honest with ourselves we would come to the conclusion that everything is better with curry sauce and ketchup is truly a sad, sad condiment.

So, here is the wrap up. Bill and I had three Belgian microbrews, enough cheese board (sorry Brickskeller -- your Pentagon board is shit) and fries to make us vomit AND a chocolate crepe with raspberry sauce FOR UNDER $40. I am not sure how they pack so much heaven in such a small little place.

In summary - guest room, bed, microbrews, enough fries to vomit. You'll be glad you visited!

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