Sunday, July 20, 2008

George Washington slept here.

Well, no he didn't.

But you could! The guest room is open for business.

(Before photo here)

Nothin on the walls quiet yet, due to the fact that the walls are solid brick and hanging photos requires more than a girly hammer and dinky picture holders. The quilts, are therefore draped on the IKEA. (Because all Victorian houses need some IKEA)

No HBO or indoor pool. But we do have lovely old-timey air conditioning:

The attention-hungry cat is an optional amenity.


  1. I'll vouch for the comfortable amenities provided in the new guest room. It also comes with M&M's and smarties.

  2. I request mine wif optional cat. :)
    Did you make that quilt??? It's beautiful!

  3. It is beautiful, isn't it? It was a gift to Bill from his mom. I can't take any credit.

  4. is that a slimmed down bernie?

  5. yeah, how come Bernie looks skinny. Is he being chased by Sugar? mom b