Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our new fireplace!!! still in boxes.

We've been distracted by mini beach vacations and the gorgeous summer weather, but our chimney sweep is coming in a few weeks to install our new woodstove and, you know, line the chimney so it meets basic common safety sense. So, we're going to get started on that building a hearth thing real soon.

Back when we were deciding to buy an old house, we enjoyed reading old house restoration blogs. Sometimes on those blogs folks would write about having to make a decision between 1) fixing-up something that has been neglected about the home for ages or 2) eating. Bill and I used to think that was funny. Then we went to the tile shop and fell in love with...everything.

These are the architectural tiles that have had us eating like college students for the past month. Eventually, they'll go up the entire chimney.

This is another distraction that has helped the hearth-laying procrastination. Yarn dyed with black walnut husks:

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