Friday, September 12, 2008

The curious incident of the bat in the nighttime.

Don't snuggle with bats.

A course of rabies shots is not fun.

P.S. Wear clean undies to the ER because they are gonna stick you with more stuff than your arms can take, and before they start in with 2 each on your thighs with those oh so large needles, they stick 'em in your rear.

I love living in the country!


  1. I woke up with a bat crawling on my neck. I freaked and jumped out of bed, grabbed it and threw it outside. Wish I hadn't thrown it outside, if I kept it, they coulda chopped it's head off and tested it for rabies. Since I am such a lover of wildlife though, I let it go and took the shots, so that it might live to piss me off again another night.

    Apparently, there is no way to be certain whether you've been bitten by a bat or not, they have tiny teeth. I wasn't worried until I went to work and people told me to be worried, at which point I made the mistake of asking the internet, and found out about unseen and unfelt bites, and that 5% of Indiana bats have rabies. Fuck.

    The nurse came in with 8 large needles in her hand. She said "Truthfully, this is gonna be unpleasant, and it is gonna hurt." She wasn't lying. One hurt so bad I felt it in my head and I nearly blanked out. The other seven weren't so bad, I guess that one just hit a weird nerve or something. I was like demonic anti- acupuncture. Need to go back for shots 4 more times.

  2. Bummer - I hope you're ok after all that. I always heard about the horror involved with rabies shots. Must be an urban myth that one of the shots has to go through the stomach though. Good luck.

  3. holy cow. Sorry to hear that! Do you know how the little bugger got in the house?

    You know, JoAnna could have just locked you in the basement for observation. :)