Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fireplace reveal....



It's still a bit dusty. We've got to clean off the slate and seal it, as well as decide on some trim for the floor...but yayyy!!!! We're nearly there.

The side by side shot:

The "side by side" kitty shots:


  1. More before and after:


    Stove - Garrison II
    Maximum log length - ~14"
    Heat output - 37,000 BTUS/hr
    Stove Efficiency - ~60%?
    Construction - Steel with soapstone top and cast iron doors.


    Stove - Jotul Black Bear
    Maximum Log Length - 24"
    Heat Output - 60,000 BTUS/hr
    Stove Efficnency - 73%
    Construction - Cast iron

    Biggest point is in the installation of the new stove. The old stove had an 8" pipe that went straight back into the fireplace and ended 6 inches up in the chimney, the rest of which was unlined. With the air valves opened at all, most of the heat from the stove blew right up into the chimney, effectively warming the air above our house, and making the whole chimney physically hot to the touch upstairs in the bedroom. Tremendous draft!

    With the new stove and 6 inch pipes all the way to the top of the chimney, it seems like we are much more in control. The heat actually stays into the house and the stove burns a bit more evenly. The heat off the cast iron does feel "softer" to me as well, as opposed to the mostly steel Garrison.

    Moving the Garrison to the bedroom now. Stove in every room!

  2. Wow! What a transformation! It look wonderful and I loved the step by step process we got to witness!! I think it is neat how the ceiling is painted blue around the chimney--what a neat idea.