Monday, May 11, 2009

Bathroom yick

We have a "master bedroom" on the first floor that we haven't paid much attention to since we moved it. It is currently a glorified closet and a night-time kitty jail. Not the nicest room in the house. Which is pretty sad, because in its prime, this was probably a lovely front parlor.
Some day it will be my crafty room (does "Fiber Studio" sound too snobby?), but now it is just yicky. This is due in part to the odd bathroom that was insensitively placed in the corner of this room - hence the "master bedroom" title. The room is now so oddly shaped that it could never function as a bedroom, unless the owner had a little tiny bed.
The bathroom is also disfunctional and poorly planned. For one, there is no heat register - we worship a small space heater in the winter. Also, there is no outlet for the humid fan and the window, despite an hour of conjoling, scraping and banging, is inoperable. The moisture combined with lack of sufficient bathroom paint, has led to this:

And bubbles in the wall paint:
Plus, dirty brown is not the cleanest feeling color for a bathroom.

Someday, once the upstairs bathroom is functional, we'll get rid of this one in a creative way that allows us to keep the vital, pipe-carrying walls, but gets rid of most of the room. Until then, we are covering the multitude of sins with a coat of clean-colored, fresh-feeling paint. More photos soon!

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