Sunday, June 21, 2009

25 jars of jam

We've been making jam for about 3 hours and we have 25 total jars so far of strawberry, strawberry/rhubarb and blackberry. We're hoping to make another batch of strawberry this evening as well as some spiced mulberry. The fruit has been either harvested from our property or purchased at a farmers market.

It took us about an hour to pick two quarts of black caps, which was just shy of what we needed for the recipe so we added in some strawberries.
Jars in waiting:
We've used 10 pounds of sugar so far:

Bill had the brilliant idea of putting the lids and rings on the steamer to make them easier to extract from the boiling water.


  1. The finished product looks beautiful!

  2. You must have a great deal of energy! I love the idea of the steamer too.