Saturday, September 19, 2009

Animal cuteness

We spent much of today splitting and stacking the wood we had delivered a few weeks ago. Sugar spend much of today trying to dig through the wood pile. We thought a red squirrel was the cause of her single-minded pursuit.
Turns out it was this guy:

See him in the middle? You may remember Pablo "The Baby Opossum" Stinky Pants from our garbage can a few nights ago. On garbage night Bill took the cans down to the road and Pablo took the ride. He kept scurrying to the top of the bags and then running back down. We were a little worried he would end up a flat opossum at the garbage dump, but he apparently found a new, (though still temporary) home.

And this is all of our mammals begging for turkey. Bill smoked a yummo bird last weekend and we made some plum chutney that was awesome with it. The cats just cared about the turkey.

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