Saturday, February 13, 2010

Freezing fog

Ever heard of it? I had no idea until this winter and we sure are getting lots of it now.

It's just what it sounds like....water droplets from fog, freezing on surfaces.

It's the same stuff that forms in freezers. It makes everything white.


And it sure is pretty.

It's been a treat waking up to frozen fog covered trees all week.

Usually, it is accompanied by clear skies that are bluer than blue.

As it warms up, the ice crystals start falling from the trees. It looks like its snowing, but the sky is incredibly blue. Very trippy.

Speaking of trips...we had a lovely day in Cincinnati last weekend. We stopped at Jungle Jim's for hot sauce and micro brews, had Chipotle for lunch, and watched Syracuse beat Cincy in a good game. We got to sit with Orange fans from all over the Midwest, including a gentleman who played with Boeheim and regaled us with stories of the old days.

And, here are some unrelated socks.


  1. Experienced results of freezing fog (also referred to as rime ice) along T-way beside Mohawk River near Little Falls exit one morning as we went to retrieve MaryEllen from Oswego. All the shrubs and trees between road and river were glazed, sky was bright and clear and sun turned everything to crystal. Stunning! And me without a camera as we flashed by at 70 mph....

  2. I saw freezing fog in the mts of New England once on my way to/from ME. It was really an amazing thing to see. Hope you guys enjoyed it and are staying warm.