Monday, April 26, 2010

What's in the Box: The Reveal!

The new toy Bill was excited to get last week is....


...for cutting grass.

It's his own, made-just-for-him scythe. There are lots of exciting details about this scythe. I, though, haven't paid attention to a word of Bill's explanation. Something about a snath? Or a ball sack? I dunno. But a lot of the details sound very sketchy and dirty.

Bill intends to hay 4 acres of pasture with this handy tool. Much like I prefer sweeping over vacuuming, Bill says he'll enjoy scything much more than mowing. Mowing is loud, he says, and "bees sting you and you smell like gas." Apparently scything is rhythmic and soothing.

Our strawberries and peas are growing!

The hay mulch we've been using to prevent weeds in the garden is working pretty well. We just need more of it! Let the scything commence!

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