Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer excitement...


I was giddy with excitement when the truck full of wood pulled into our driveway. It's been a bit difficult finding wood this season and prices are a bit higher than last year. I won't's been a bit stressful.

So, it was awesome to have the wood guy come with his big ole truck of split, seasoned (mostly) wood. It was even more awesome when he pushed a button on the truck and it dumped all the wood out without human intervention. Last year, it took us over an hour to help unload a trailer.

This is 5 ricks. I don't really know how much that is. Cord... face cord...whatever. It's about 3/4 as much as we used last winter in the two stoves. Fortunately, the wood guy is coming back at the end of the week to deliver more.

Unfortunately, we've got to stack all this wood this week so he has a place to leave the next load. (I was going to say "dump the next load" but that sounds kinda bad, eh?)

Also exciting is the start of a new shawl. They're never very pretty while they are being knit, but I know some day soon (or in 6 months), I'll get to block it and it will be wonderful. It'll look something like this.

The shawl is to distract me from these socks, which are boring me to death.

And these socks which are pooling unacceptably.

But, I expect there will be little time for knitting this week. I'VE GOT WOOD TO STACK!!!

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