Saturday, January 8, 2011

Progress on knitting goals!

Yes, it is true - knitting projects were included on my list of 2011 goals so I could feel like I was making progress without having to do anything that actually felt like work. I am totally ok with that.

I dyed my first 65 yards of handspun. It's slightly less purple than the photo - more of a dusty blue. Though I've dyed with plants before, this is my first attempt at powered acid dyes. These dyes contain no heavy metals, but still give the variety and vibrancy of acid dyes.

It became very apparent in the dying process that I need spinning practice. The parts of the yarn that were underspun, or too thick got felty and frizzy.

And this is the progress on my Self-Imposed Yarn Club. I wasn't feeling the pattern until I started the second section of ruching (is that a real word?). Now, I dig it.

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