Friday, May 13, 2011

A million updates in one post

This here is what we're going to call a free form post. It has no common theme, no real intro, an unsatisfying conclusion...but lots of info. It's a dashboard update. Big picture. Many updates crammed together in one place.

A few weeks ago, there was an F1 tornado in our town. It completely blew apart a barn just a few miles away. It toppled so many trees across our neighbor's driveway that it took him 5 hours to cut himself out. It sent Bill and me into our basement in the middle of the night, and it broke one of the trees in the beloved canopy that (used to) shade our house.

I took a picture, but it just looked like a tree. So, picture 1/4 of the top of a 75 year old locust tree split in half and being held just feet above our roof by another branch of the same tree.

We called some tree folks (I could not support Bill taking on this tree - it gave me panic attacks. I am not ashamed.)...and decided to take down the whole tree. The tree folks parked their truck outside my window:

...and dismantled the locust. There is an old "before" photo in the right sidebar up over there --->

Here's what it looks like today:

We're splitting and stacking the wood.

Two of our chicken hens hatched chicks. They are adorable little mutts. So far, there are 8 - though one isn't looking so good.

Bernie has decided he's sneaky and stealthy and we can't force him back inside if we can't see him because he's hiding behind the grass.

Our broody turkey is still on her nest. We didn't mark when she started incubating, but it was just after tax day. Turkey eggs take 28 days to hatch, so we're getting close!

The lilacs bloomed and smelled fantastic. is your unsatisfying conclusion. The end.

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  1. sadly, when you live in a 100 year old home, your trees begin to age....we have lost 5 100 year old trees in the last 5 years and I miss them....thankfully you were spared the roof repair, one of our top off the back corner of our the way can bear root new this time of the year...when the red buds bloom and by the end of the summer you will have new trees well started...easy cheap and replacing what you will be loosing....look for a creek bed and choose for free....have fun with new babies and new growth...