Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day One

So, there's a bunch of dudes racing bikes in France right now? Did you know there are also thousands of spinners making yarn right now too???

This year marks the sixth Tour de Fleece in which spinners celebrate the wonder of making yarn all around the world. The general idea is that folks set individual goals and then spin every day the Tour de France guys ride. (Ok - it's really weird to type "Tour de France." It just looks wrong. Don't they mean "Fleece?".) There are even prizes - prizes beyond spending time spinning and creating lovely yarn.

The whole event takes place on Ravelry where there are 4,000 spinners participating on over 200 teams. As I write this, 350 people have already checked in and posted photos of what they spun today. Here's what I did:

It's a BFL roving from Dancing Leaf Farm. I have 8 oz and am hoping to ply it with a naturally colored roving and love it enough to make a sweater quantity...maybe a short sleeved sweater? I don't have enough experience to know how much yarn I'm going to get.

Vive la Fleece!

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  1. Love the colors! It looks like its coming out beautifully!