Monday, September 5, 2011

Projects in progress

I've been working on this little quilt for a hundred years. I started it just after we moved to Indiana, and last weekend I finished piecing the top.

I imagine it will sit for another hundred years before I quilt it and hang it on our bedroom wall.

Bill is working on a new project...Here is a hint:

It is our very own masonry oven! Here's the thing about being an NY girl in Indiana - all the pizza here is bad. Like, grade school cafeteria bad. They even cut it into squares. SQUARES!

When it's cold outside, Bill makes me pizza in a 500 degree oven in our kitchen (he also makes me all sorts of yummy bread). However, often I'd like pizza when it's not cold out. Sometimes even when it's 100 degrees with a million percent humdity. Turning on our oven in the summer is a bad, bad idea. So, Bill is making an outside oven.

He's following the plans laid out in the book The Bread Builders (you can see all the steps preformed by some other guy named Bill on this blog).

My Bill is still in the early stages. We had a concrete pad poured last week and a few days ago Bill started on the cinder block foundation. Today he is cutting things and making a general mess.

More updates to come!

I'll conclude with some spinning. It's much less dusty. Though, also less tasty. The last few ounces of my white fleece were dyed all sorts of pinks and purples:

And here are two tops I recently spun. I think they shall become socks ...

...and a hat.


  1. The quilt is gorgeous! I love the shades of blue.

    I like the idea of an outdoor oven too, but I know far less about its general construction...

  2. Thank you!

    The oven and the general construction have been under consideration for about two years. Many books and blogs have been read and many options reviewed. Now it's being built one step at a time... the hope is to have it completed by November.