Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hearth Slab

Today Bill started laying the fire brick for the cooking surface of his oven. He wanted to start days ago but it's been monsooning.

There is a big long story about fire clay and "fire clay" and Asimov and the Foundation Trilogy that I hope he tells you... It's a good story. A fable, if you will.

But, in the meantime, here's Bill laying the first tile for the cooking surface of the oven:

And then I added a block. My token contribution to the project:

The layers look like this:

The brownish bit at the very bottom is vermiculite. And then a layer of concrete. Then the fire clay and the fire bricks. (There is a step I sorta skipped in the blog chronicles of the form building and hearth slab concretey stuff and the curing. I didn't think you'd miss it too terribly)

Laying the last brick!!

Mmm. Pizza cooking surface. So pretty.

Me, taking a picture of the firebrick. Oooohhhh...

Bill also picked popcorn today. A dastardly raccoon stole a bunch of ears overnight, so even though they are still a bit wet, we've picked them for safe storage.

Whilst Bill was harvesting corn and building an oven...this is what I did today:

...and this:

The sock is knit with gradiance yarn from Unique Sheep. The colors blend from green to red.

And from red to green on the opposite sock. The colorway is called November, and I quite like it.

I also admired the insanely blue sky. It was so deep as to be nearly purple. I felt like I could almost see into space today.

It's a little less productive than building a cooking surface, yes...but that's what fall weekends are for, right?

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  1. That popcorn is beautiful and matches your socks.