Monday, February 20, 2012

One Geeky Post to Rule Them All!

Things you probably know about me...
1) I am a nerd
2) I enjoy the fiber arts

Therefore, naturally, I am partaking in Nerd Wars on Ravelry. It's true - I am a Nerd Warrior.

Nerd Wars is a little game where 200ish (I'm guessing) Ravelers are divided into nerdy teams and knit, crochet, spin and weave to earn points and glory. There are teams for Sci-Fi (like Stargate, Firefly, Dr. Who and other stuff...Babylon 5 or something (I'm not that sort of Nerd)), Disney (Club 33), Broadway (Team Jazz Hands) and even Team Equestria - for My Little Ponies.

I am on Team Precious for all things Tolkien and Middle Earth (I'm that sort of Nerd). Here are the projects I've submitted since February 1.

Two spinning projects - a green Finn top from Misty Mountain Farm (you know the Misty Mountains are the largest mountain chain in Middle Earth, yeah? And Bilbo found The One Ring in caves under the mountains?)

This is some Corriedale in colors from Rivendell in autumn.

I also knit some mitts. See the Ents??

These mitts have pillars and cables that look like the Gates of Moria. It's so dark in Moria!! And Gandalf is going to die in there!!! Look how nervous I am just thinking about it:

This is a neck thingie made of seven the seven rings Sauron gave to the Dwarf-kings.

Finally, this is the start of my dissertation project. Cold Mountain. The project is named Caradhras, of course.

And, just so you know this is a Real Thing and not something I made up...I get badges. From the Hall of Honor. You've got to be pretty special to earn them.

So for the next few months I'll be knitting for The Precious. And generally being a nerd.

Totally normal stuff.

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