Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Growin' growin' growin'

"Halloo!" say the chickens.

Would you like a tour of our garden? And by "our" we mean the garden that the humans so evilly will not let us get into?

This is the area from a previous post that was weed free. It is no longer as such. The bean teepees are just starting to produce fruit now that it is cooler. 

The winter squash are coming along. Butternut:

Sweet Lightning pumpkin. They are individual serving pumpkins. About 3-5 inches.

We've got 7-8 cantaloupe nearly ripe. This is the sweet passion variety and legend says if you eat them in the field in moonlight, much passion ensues.

Our sweet corn is taller than the weeds:

Some Thai hot peppers. This plant is so tall it reaches my mid-thigh. The little peppers will turn red and Bill has designs on stringing them up and drying them for winter stir-fry.

The fall beds have been planted. Lettuce, spinach, beets, and fall radishes, which can apparently be stored.

A pumpkin turning orange!

These are gold peppers. None have turned gold yet, and they start to rot when they touch the ground. We picked 15 or so and made tamale stuffed peppers with local pork.

The tomato zone... please notice the drip irrigation line. It took me a full week to install it throughout the garden and as soon as I was done, it rained. It's been raining about every 3 days since then.

The tomatoes have cracked under the pressure. I'll be making some tomato basil jam with them tomorrow.

This was Sunday morning's harvest. The beans have been dillied. The cantaloupe will be eaten tomorrow (Bill says the internet says to let them sit for three days after picking). The jalapenos will be stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. That's right.

We have a million jalapenos. This is one branch of one plant. We have 6 jalapeno plants. !!!! We've got some pickling and want to leave a bunch to turn red, but we've been eating a lot of spicy meals lately.

Shelly says, "that's enough. Time for a nap." Bye!

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  1. PS: If you prefer moving pictures, you can see a video tour of the garden on Episode 9 of my podcast: http://knitspinfarm.blogspot.com