Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things which are new...

We have some freshly fallen snow.

We also have white and blue eggs, which means our dorking hens (white) and our  Araucana / Easter Egg chickens have started to lay.

  And... we have two new balls of black fur.

We went to the Humane Society last evening and found this 3-month old cuddly pair. They are brother and sister and they were dumped at the back door of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. According to their medical history, they were sick little kitties for a while, but the Humane Society gave them some TLC until they were all bouncy and ready for a forever home.

This is Lt. Col. Coopworth of the First Mouser Brigade. He is demonstrating that kittens are really fast.

This is Lady Corriedale. She is demonstrating that kittens believe everything is a toy. She was previously playing with Bill's shoe (which she fits inside of), the zipper on my hoodie, and a leaf that was tracked into our kitchen. Her favorite toy seems to be the Woodpile Jungle Jim.

Sugar Pie is both glad to have Coop and Corrie in the house (she enjoys romping with them), and a little confused about why we are being so snuggly with squirrels. They are all getting along surprisingly well. There is much running and tumbling so it is good that kittens are made of rubber and bounce back from falling down stairs or rolling off a couch.

We think they like it here.

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  1. They are so precious!!! <3

    On an unrelated note, what do you find is the laying-life-span of a chicken? My hens, who went to live with my bro a 1.5y ago, apparently don't really lay much anymore. I didn't think they were that old yet!