Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter Prepardness - Play at Home!

All our bird feeders have been washed and filled with fresh yumminess. If you are playing at many feeders can you find in this photo? Answer at the bottom of the post.

In addition to enticing neighborhood birds into our yard, we've been getting ready for winter by making curtains and testing the wood stove.

This is the curtain fabric and the design is inspired by curtains I was staring at during a (clearly engaging) meeting at the Indiana statehouse. Perfect for our deep window frames.

We've also been testing a theory that wood stoves are the great uniter in the house. Kitties and puppies will put aside their differences in order to sit peacefully near the wondrous fire. How many mammals will chose to be in the same 5 square feet out of the 2,000 available?

Second it the stove they crave or the pancakes?

Finally, how many feeders were visible in the photo? The answer is...EIGHT. There are more that are just outside the range of the photo (for a total of 10). In November, will we spend more $ on people food or bird food?

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