Saturday, November 15, 2008


We've pretty much hunkered down for the winter with few plans for housey stuff till spring. We plan to paint the living room before Christmas, but that's about it.

I'll be using the non-working time for KNITTING! I just finished this White-Water Wrist-Warmer this morning:

This is a rare event...I will allow you to see the "back" of something I've made because it is pretty cool:

The cold rainy weather has brought the birds back to our feeders. Scads of gold and house finches, noisy chickadees, Sal the Cardinal and every type of woodpecker you could imagine. It is actually time to refill all those feeders again.


  1. Those are beautiful!! I don't know how you do it--I am learning how to crochet and can't even manage to count let alone think of different stitches!! AWESOME!