Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Well, today it is going to be 27, which is quite warm. Yesterday was 7 and the day before that was 2. (The forecast was for 1 degree -- ONE degree -- for Thursday.)

The cold weather has brought gobs of birds to the feeder and Bill is off at our favorite store, (Tractor Supply!!), getting some more.

We've put our Christmas tree out in the feeder area to provide some extra cover, which seems to be appreciated.

The juncos and tree sparrows, however, are still cold and fluffy.

The sparrow is even willing to try some of the goldfinches' thistle.

We also put out some stale peanuts we've had sitting around since the summer. The blue jays have been coming in an orderly fashion and flying off with them one at a time.

The fox squirrel doesn't seem as interested in the peanuts as he is in the fermented crab apples on a tree near the feeder. Really, I don't blame him.

Stay warm!!

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