Thursday, January 8, 2009


We sah-ho do not have enough wood to last us the winter. Our fabulous, glorious wood pile of old is down to sad, sad scraps. While I partially blame this tragedy on a ridiculously early winter (like really early not just we've-been-living-in-DC-so-we-think-"winter"-is-a-week-or-two-in-January early), we also did not cut nearly enough wood. We've been selecting the best candidates for next year and will be chopping trees as soon as it gets warm.

We've also imposed rationing - no fire unless its below 20. Which means...WARM SOCKS! This pattern is called "Flame wave" and the yarn was dyed by Bill's former co-worker and fellow blogger, Julia (she also grows orchids and has the fluffiest bunny on the planet). I LOVE the yarn and can't put it down. I want to lick it.

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