Thursday, December 25, 2008

And old-timey Christmas

In addition to Sugar's pheasant, the gifts under the tree this year were rather old-fashioned. For example, an old-timey popcorn maker to be used on campfires or the wood stove:

Mancala, perhaps the oldest game on the planet:

And a Roman oil lamp from the first century, AD. At least, that is what the antiquities dealer said.

We first saw oil lamps at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (which is a fabulous institution) when they hosted Roman art from the Louvre. There were mosaics, statues and other decorative relics, but also pieces of real life, like the oil lamps. The punks at the museum wouldn't let me touch anything, so Bill got me my very own Roman artifact for Christmas. We think the detail is a goat?

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