Saturday, December 6, 2008

Living room in progress

Some dark photos of our living room as it is currently half painted. The transition zones:

Before and afters:

We traded two TVs for this fish tank, which fits so perfectly in this spot Bill thinks it was made just for us. It is somewhere around 50-70(?) gallons and will eventually be home to a range of live-bearing fish.

We plan to finish painting and put up a real live tree from a tree farm next weekend.

Our bird feeders were visited by a Sharp-shinned Hawk this afternoon. He scattered all the chickadees and juncos and got away with a house sparrow in his claws. The commotion caused another house sparrow to fly into our window. She was stunned enough to let us hold her for a full five minutes before flying away. We suspect the Sharpie will be back.

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