Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Tree is Not Naked

Or "Holy Eskimo, I Am Old."

With only 4ish days until Christmas, Bill and I finally put up a tree today. As this is our first real tree since the early naughts, I was a bit nervous that we would have an insufficient number of ornaments. For reference, this tree was the last we "put up:"

It was a 3 foot fake tree on a table in our 700 square foot apartment. THIS is our '08 tree:

Though it is thin, I'd guess it's 9 feet tall. Fortunately, we have over 30 years of ornaments collected and our tree is nicely decorated. I even had to leave some Eskimos off.

So here, in all it's decorated glory is our $18 tree-farm Something Fir. It is mildly Charlie-Brownish, but it is less than a week from Christmas and we rather like it.

And an oldie of Bernie from the photo archive:


  1. what do you mean, had to leave some eskimo's off???? A 9-ft tree and 26 years or more of eskimo's????

  2. love the pictures!! This is Rachel, Mike LaMay's girlfriend (remembe me?). We are getting married this september! we need your address please. Hope to hear from you soon