Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things that are sexy...

Is this the hottest thing you've seen all day???

I'm talking about the wood pile. Felling and chopping up trees is just as satisfying as shoveling poo. This is three of the 16,000 trees that are crowding our buildings and need to be made into firewood:

In other news...the hottest new couple in the neighborhood are the Grosbeaks.

And we're doing some readin about farmin.


  1. The grosbeaks are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm assuming that's the male with the red slash! Wow! All I get in my yard is mockingbirds. :-(

  2. that load of firewood should last you a month....Barn door looks great! I knew Bill was talented. you must have picked up the Cary Gene pool for construction. Did you ever find out where the burned barn's foundation was? mom b

  3. That IS a good lookin' woodpile! Hope all is well. We're working on projects around the house too (floors, baseboards, yard, patio, gutters just to name a few). My back has paid for it in PAIN. Later! -Greg R.