Sunday, April 20, 2008

Roofs, radishes and respect

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get a third "r" word in the title so I could be all dorky, but I think it will work...

Roofs! Our new one is still being worked on. We've got the new shingles and some gutters on the back. The metal family (the head guy, his 19 year old son and son-in-law) are finishing up the copper. Shiny.

Radishes are poking up.

The respect comes from the new 11'+ barn door we built and installed. It's a big advertisement to the neighborhood that we aren't just wimpy hippies from the east coast. We could tell it was causing a stir when folks started slowing down to take a peak as they drove by, and our neighbor stopped over to say he was "impressed." Had he seen us wrestling to install it for a day and a half, taking really stupid risks with our fingers, he might not have the same opinion.

The garden to the right is for potatoes, and root veggies have been planted on the left, including the radishes and 3 colors of carrots! Who knew there were such things??

Oh! And some running, to close the post:

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  1. roof looks good. Once the shutters get fixed it will really come alive. Our peas are up and collards & brussel sprouts are hanging in there we've had to cover because of the frost monster. I'm thinking we need a bigger garden this year cuz, dare I say it out loud "the recession" and food expenses. mom b