Friday, April 18, 2008

The brochures never mentioned earthquakes

The pooch woke us up about 10 minutes before the quake, so we were awake and alert to notice it.

There are certain things I take for granted in life and just don't ever pay attention know, like oxygen. Also, the ground. It's a bit freaky when the ground does something beyond simply existing.

Our house swayed a bit (kind of like rolling?) and we could hear the ground shaking. The noise definitely traveled in a uniform direction.

Everyone and everything is fine and I now have a new attitude about dirt. Didn't much appreciate the ground shaking my old house so much, though. Kinda rude.


  1. And the first natural disaster I thought you would face would have been a tornado....Let's see what's next floods? Locusts? How about a Hurricane. At least you would have experience with that one! Do they know what one is in IN???? mom b