Monday, March 30, 2009

The Coop, Day 1.

Ok... well, I was hoping to frame the coop with old barn lumber, because we have a lot of it, the thing is, it is apparently imported from the petrified forest. 2x4s are easier to work with and cheap.

Here's another thing, having a plan may make things go more smoothly and quickly, but it is not nearly as much fun. I envision this as a 4 day project. Tomorrow (or whenever the next nice day is) I'll hopefully get to the roof and siding. Bought some steel roof panels for that. Day 3 will deal with nest boxes, doors, and miscellaneous stuff, day 4 we paint.

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  1. If the old timbers are too hard to pound a nail through, try predrilling them - old-growth (maybe oak?) timbers (as it sounds like you are dealing with) are durable so your coup'll last longer.

  2. I tried drilling them too. Drilling was essentially like using a firebow. I am fairly sure that if there was dry timber underneath the wood when the bit poked through it would've ignited. Seriously. Made a LOT of smoke. This is some seriously hard stuff. I am using a couple as corner beams.