Friday, March 13, 2009


Last weekend it was beautiful in Indy - 70s and sunny. So Bill and I decided to go to Milwaukee, where it was 40 and raining...a lot. There was even still snow on the ground! Our purpose in going was not to prolong our winter, but to see SU play Marquette.

Milwaukee is a great city, and Syracuse won the game (needing only one overtime to do so). The Bradley Center is a beautiful venue and the Marquette fans were awesome. There was even a bus load of Chrysler employees who were transfered from CNY to Illinois in '06 that sat next to us, emboldening our cheers.

We're planning a return trip to Milwaukee when the weather is a bit more cooperative, but this weekend was a perfect time to visit the art museum, which is housed in an insane building that Bill kept referring to as Starfleet Command.

The museum's special exhibit was "Sensory Overload" which involved fun modern art to freak you out, including an infinity chamber meant to make you feel as if you were floating in outer space.

This is Matrix (I think) - a room with LEDs strung floor to ceiling at exact intervals. It was fun to walk through the strings and see mathematics at work.

My favorite was this piece of a few different shaped mirrored vessels sitting in a mirrored box:

Sugar didn't come, but spent the night at puppy camp, which tired her out enough to allow me to take a photo of her being relatively still on the car ride home:

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