Saturday, November 28, 2009


I likely have a new obsession - triangular knit shawls. This is how it began:

Where will it end???

Sugar, like a good dog, is showing her unfailing moral support:

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  1. o wow, that's gorgeous!
    (how come you make no mistakes? Are you SuperKnitter? Or Conveniently Cropping Photographer?)

    I'm doing a cat-paw-scarf for a friend, with just one 'trail' of paws and lots of garterstitch. Still: mistake every other row. Mistakes in garterstitch?!
    Luckily my friend has pets with mutilated toes (all rescues) so some of the mistakes in the paw-pattern I let just sit.

    I can only dream of such nice patterns as yours. Looks 'tulipy' to me.