Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warm weather update...

A tree fell on our truck. There is only cosmetic damage to the roof - didn't chip the paint or crack the windshield, thankfully.

One of the different things about living in a solid brick house is temperature regulation. The bricks take a long time to cool off or heat up. This is lovely in the early summer. Being inside is typically like being in a cool basement.

It is less lovely in the spring when it is warm outside but the heat doesn't penetrate the bricks. Today is one of those days where we opened the doors to warm up the house. It's in the mid-60s and sunny. Lovely!

Sugar and I took advantage and spent some time in the hammock with Shakespeare.

But I know this weather won't last, so mittens and socks will still be knit!

This mitten will be for Anne-Marie. She picked out the purple/blue/orange yarn at Rhinebeck. It wasn't looking so great on its own, so I held it double with the goldenrod yarn I dyed earlier this fall and alternated it with stripes of just goldenrod.

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