Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bill's room

We've been working on Bill's Room/The Overflow Guest Room in anticipation of summer guests (who are arriving Friday...THIS Friday. We are apparently procrastinators).


There are a lot of issues with water around the chimney. The wall and ceiling have been plastered many times. We plastered them again and plan to call our trusty chimney sweep to come take a look this summer as well as install our third wood stove.

In progress. White room, black puppy.

Friday, before the painting and plastering, we spent much of the evening pulling up those stupid carpet tack strips and gobs of floor staples. It was a lot of work and made no real noticeable difference in the room. It's nice that my sister can eventually enter the room without providing a record of her last tetanus shot (ours were during the Great Bat Incident of 2008), but it's not as rewarding as painting.

So, we rewarded ourselves with mint juleps. In Ball jars, cuz that's how we roll.

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