Saturday, September 11, 2010

Uck. Brown.

I have discovered an odd mystery of life and knitting. It's so complex, most of you won't really understand. You'll just think I'm nutters. I'm not, though. This is a real thing. But don't feel bad if you don't get it - it is pretty complex.

I think Brown is going to kill me.

Whatever - you know I love brown clothes. Like, everything I own is brown. I've been knitting my first ever sweater (for the past two years) and...guess what? It's brown. When bought the yarn, my mom pointed out that everything I own is already brown and...really, it's BROWN - didn't I like the coral or the antique rose or even the dusty green?

Nope. I went brown.

I'm excited that this sweater might even be done for fall to join the rest of my brownish wardrobe. I bound off the bottom edge and am halfway through one arm. The pattern told me to do this fancy bind off (apparently they didn't know it was my first sweater). It looked crappy. Like this:

So, I did my plan ole bind off (BO, for those in the know). It's way better. Go sweater! I can't wait to wear your lovely brown-ness.

I've also been working on a scarf for Bill for the last two years. It too is brown. Dyed with our very own Estate Walnuts.

But these socks are killing me!! They're so....brown. It's really wrong. See what I mean:

Uck. It's a gosh darn travesty. You see it, right?

Socks are supposed to be orange and yellow and occasionally blue.

I'm knitting them to try something new - brown is the September color for a knitting group on Ravelry. So, I decided to play along. A few months ago, that same group was knitting in white (white!) and, while I was quite skeptical, I joined in and these socks were the result:

Awesome right? They're one of my favs, but I never would have done it on my own. I mean, who knew white could have so much zing??

So, I was hoping for a similar earth-shattering color epiphany this time around. Brown, though? I dunno. Just looking at them puts me into a coma.

Maybe I'll go work on that sweater instead...


  1. I love the brown socks, personally. But I can definitely see where you could be getting annoyed with all the brown. :-) I think you need to start a project with a really bright color to give your eyes a rest and work on that in between all the brown.


  2. The problem with these brown socks, I think, may be the hint of brick red. Because frankly, I like all your other brown projects but this one gives me pause.