Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knitting ... in color

I am knitting a hundred things right now. And they are all rather girly in color.

There's these Wedge socks which are the first socks I've knit that have pooled colors and do not make me twitch. See how the purple stacks on top of itself in each consecutive row, rather than distributing itself randomly? Yeah - that drives me batty. Except for these socks...

I started pink socks too. When he helped me wind the yarn, Bill was very surprised I had such a color. He asked at least three times "These socks are for you??"

These lacy socks are a triumph. I only recently learned how to make holey lace while working in the round. It has opened up scads of new possibilities for me. Scads! And it was so simple as to just knit through the back of the YO, rather than through the front. Revolutionary!!

And this...This is my sweater from some handspun yarn. In starting this I realized the colors I like to spin... and buy... and knit with are not the same as the colors I like to wear.

For example, this is what I was wearing when I photographed the sweater.

I like to wear brown and gray. And light brown and dark gray. ...and light brown. But I like to buy orange and purple and bright green yarn. This is not a problem with socks that get tucked into shoes and hidden by pants. But it's a bit different for sweaters.

I was so concerned about this sweater that I took it to work for opinions from fashionable people who have to look at me all day. They said this sweater did not have Too Many Colors.

I asked, "but won't I look like a clown?" They assured me I would not.

I countered, "Bill joked he'd gladly call me Rainbow Randolph." (In the [likely] event that you have not seen Bill's favorite movie, Death to Smoochy, I will clarify - this is not really something a girl aspires to.)

They said that if I didn't want the sweater, I could give it to them and they'd wear it happily.

So, now I am nearly convinced that it is possible and ok to wear an item of clothing which contains more than 3 colors.

I will soldier on (...and practice my tap dancing...just in case).


  1. I think its time to check your CO detector...

  2. I think the multi-colored sweater is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see the finished product!