Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reference Bookshelf

The library nook is nearly finished. You may recall it previous looked like this:

We painted it a lovely shade of gray and today it looks like this:

There are details left to finish. A rug, some decorations, and alterations to the curtain. I am quite pleased with the curtain - I found it at Goodwill for $2. I would never be able to buy just the fabric for $2. Like nearly all modern curtains, it is too short for my window and I'm thinking I'll add some red fabric to the top to make it longer.

Also super cheap...the bookshelf. The fancy (?) cinder blocks were in our basement. They were spray painted gold, which I didn't realize until we got them out of the basement and into the sun. With the addition of some painted boards and the complete 1985 Encyclopedia Britannica, the Reference Bookshelf is under way.

How does one procure a complete 1985 Encyclopedia Britannica? Well, one day Bill emailed me and asked "do we want a free 1985 Encyclopedia Britannica?" And I replied "I don't understand why you are asking this question? Is there anyone that doesn't?"

So, if you have any questions which require the latest info about the USSR or Reaganomics, you know who to ask.

Today, I'm filling the bookshelf with other hardcover reference books. Lots from college, some on home repairs.

And a few old, old reference books we picked up at a library sale. The bottom book is a Better Homes and Gardens reference for family health from the 60s which says if women complain about cramps during menstruation to just tell them it's all in their head and they'll get over it. Also, to not let them crawl into bed for rest, but rather encourage them to be up and about, presumably making dinner and doing laundry.

We also have two copies of "Our Universe" (1986) from National Geographic. Even before we started dating, Bill and I talked with each other about reading and re-reading this book as a kid. I like to keep both our copies on the shelf together.


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  1. YES!! National Geographic Books! Thrills me to see them. James even has that same Encylopedia of Space! :o)