Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kevin Bacon (the sheep)

As a reward for enduring the chicken proselytizing post below, I give you Kevin Bacon (the sheep).

One of the March challenges in the knitting tournament on Ravelry, Nerd Wars, is to craft something that can be connected to Kevin Bacon (the actor). I made Kevin Bacon (the sheep). He is inspired by the sheep in the movie Babe. The farmer dude from Babe was in W with Josh Brolin, who was in Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon (the actor). My sheep has a Bacon number of 3 (I think that's how that works).

Kevin Bacon (the sheep) is, of course, a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, and he always wears a green cloak like the ones the elves gave the fellowship.

Plus, he goes on adventures and pretends he's on a quest to destroy the One Ring. He even has his own little Mount Doom.

The pattern is A Sheep in Sheep's Clothing and he took me all of an evening to knit. I love him.

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