Friday, June 8, 2012

Soon to include video...

I am working on a video podcast for you. What?? I'll admit it's a little weird, but totally fun. It's mostly about knitting, because people make knitting podcasts, but also a little about the farm. The pilot episode contains an in-depth look at our chickens and turkeys.

However, iMovie is a whiny bitch and - though everything is done - the software won't cooperate for the very last steps. I'm gonna loose whatever hipster cred I have right now and say that I don't like Macs. Annoying little worthless machines.

In the meantime....please enjoy this photo of the transit of Venus from earlier this week. We used binoculars to project an image of the sun onto a piece of paper. Super easy! You can do it to watch eclipses and sunspots too. Just point the large end of the binocs at the sun and hold some paper about 2 feet behind the small end. Wiggle them around until you see the sun projected on the paper. Use the focus nobs on the binocs to dial in the sun, or move the paper forward and back until the image is clear.

So cool!

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