Saturday, July 14, 2012

The greenest post of them all

Garden tour! (Did you know that gardens are one of the cheapest ways to add to the value of your house?? The internet says so.)

Watermelon the size of a softball:

Chickens hanging out in the pumpkin patch:

Cucumbers, sprawling: 


Chickens, looking for treats:

Tomatoes that are taking a long time to turn red:

This is my favorite part of the garden right now because the plants are so lush and there are no weeds. Pole beans growing up locust tripods and mounds of winter squash:

Cayenne peppers loving the heat:

Bill, demonstrating the hight of our sweet corn:

What did one melon say to the other, upon proposal of marriage? "YES! But, I cantaloupe: 

The pepper patch. Pepper plants are so pretty:


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  1. Love it all :-) don't you have to keep the chickies away from your veg incase they eat them all?

  2. Most of the garden is enclosed by a fence, but we do have to chase them out of the pumpkin patch in the evening. Fortunately, we can usually bribe them with treats...