Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sheep and baby chickens

Spring is just a time of cuteness. Are you ready?

This was our first chick of the year, born last week. Bill stole her from her mom to bring her into the house and show me. Bill is a big softie when it comes to baby chickens.

Here are our sheep. From back to front: Donna (well, Donna's butt), Clara, Rose (the little lamb) and Martha. 

Martha and Rose, her lamb:

Clara, being brave and scared at the same time as she usually is:

Baby chickens! They are all one week old today. There are six under the care of Poofy, who is an excellent mother. A few other hens are sitting on eggs now. Some of them are a bit more scatterbrained, but if there are new chicks, I promise to show them to you when they are fuzzy and adorable.

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