Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That new car and goat smell

Earlier this month we bought a new car. We were hoping to keep the old one until our next scheduled trip to NY in the fall, but it was not to be.

The first cargo we carried in the car can be seen in the back window of this photo:

Need a closer look?

Goats, naturally. Two 8-week old Nubian doelings. They very sweetly held their bladders during the hour-long trip until we released them into the barn.

This is Kaylee (aka "The Ears" - they stick right out of her head).

And her half-sister Saffron.

The sheep are very skeptical, but they all seem to be sharing space alright. The goats are curious, friendly and sweet. They are a bit timid about going outside by themselves, but they seem to enjoy eating the thistle, and that rocks my world.

This is Poofy. I went to take a photo of the adorable chick poking its head out from her wing and every time I snapped a picture, a new chick popped out. Can you see all three (plus the backside of the fourth)?

I leave you with goats being adorable: 


  1. I love goat kids- I think even more than I love lambs. I always think Nubians are so pretty with their long ears. Love their names - so very Firefly!

  2. The goats are so cute! Makes you just want to hug them. Love Puffy too. She seems like such a good Mom.